Elk Hunting in Colorado
If your looking for a real outdoor experience at a reasonable price, this is the hunt for you. Our elk hunts are based out of one of 3 camps depending on what units we are hunting and how many hunters we have in a season.

We provide a cook, warm home-cooked meals, passionate guides, trophy care, and everything we need for getting your animal off the mountain. We have a limit of 6 to 8 hunters a season.

We have the best of both worlds when it comes to the units we hunt. We have limited license areas that you can draw for, which hold more game and some bigger bulls. We also have open units, which means you can buy your license over the counter. These units usually have more hunting pressure, but there are more areas to hunt and still a large number of elk.

The units we hunt range in elevation from 7000ft. to 14,000ft. The terrain ranges from thick, dark timber to high mountain meadows and rocky timber just below the timberline.

These hunts take place on public land with no fences or boundaries to keep the elk in. We don’t guarantee 6-point bulls like some of the private land hunts can. We hunt hard for what we get and what we get are real elk.

We ask that our hunters be in good physical shape when the come on their hunt. These hunts are demanding and the better shape your in the better your chances of success.

A 5 day elk hunt any method is $3,950.00, and you supply your tag and transportation to the Salida area.