Lion Hunts In Colorado

The Colorado mountain lion season runs from mid November through the month of March. There is not a more scenic time of year to see the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Our mornings begin with miles of roads to be run in four-wheel drives, ATV’s, and snow machines. Once a track is found the chase is on. We have a good pack of hounds that have caught lions in everything from waist deep snow to dry ground. To be honest, the majority of the hunt is spent driving roads in search of tracks. But, once the dogs are turned loose there is not a more adrenaline-pumping hunt in the world. These hunts are physically demanding once the dogs are loose, we are on foot walking every step that the lion has made.

Our lion hunts are 7 days they include supper each evening, lodging and all transportation during the hunt. These hunts can be set by a date or you can be on call. On call hunters will need to be here on short notice with the weather changes. If you are not dedicated to your lion hunt we suggest you don’t do it. We do not run these as a casual hunt. Some people seem to think you can pick the size of your lion. We don’t order these big cats out of a catalog. This is a fair chase hunt and sometimes with heavy competition lions can be hard to find. Don’t be discouraged by not so perfect conditions and rough lion country. We are running right at 85% success on these hunts.

A 7 day Mountain lion hunt is $4500.00 You buy a tag and get to Salida, and we will do our best to get you on the cat.